6 Rapid Weight Loss Tips: Get An ABS-olutely Flatter Belly!

Fancy having tight, finely sculpted abs? Well, you’re in luck. Here are 6 fast, tried-and-tested ways of achieving that narrow waist and flat stomach. These tips are guaranteed to make you fit back into your jeans, boost your metabolism, keep you feeling full and energized all day long. They’re all pretty simple, and super-easy to follow. It kinda makes you wonder how you never realized your way to rapid weight loss was as simple as counting from 1 to 6.


1. Go organic

Fruits and vegetables are packed with fiber. Fiber has a number of benefits, and one is that it keeps you feeling full longer. When selecting greens, go for the darkly colored ones, they are rich in antioxidants which fight skin aging.

2. Have Your cake and eat it

Yes, that’s right. Eating dessert doesn’t always have to be out of the question when trying to lose weight. Because dessert typically comes after a meal, a small amount will signal your body that the meal is over. 

3. Got Milk?

Drinking low-fat milk has been shown to help in rapid weight loss around the middle area of our body, which is usually the hardest area to exercise. Milk is a potential fat-fighter. Consuming just 1,800 milligrams of calcium-rich milk blocks the absorption of over 90 calories.

4. Spice Up Your Life

It’s not a secret that peppers contain Capsaicin, the chemical substance that not only puts the zing! in your dishes, but also boosts the body’s metabolism. Peppers naturally manipulate the fat burning hormones in the body, and as a thermogenic chemical, promotes a healthy digestive system and makes losing up to 9 pounds of water weight in an amazingly short duration of 11 days.

5. Fiber in The Fruits

We mentioned fiber earlier, and a lot of it’s in the peel, whether you’re snacking on apples, pears or oranges, rememeber that the pith is packed with heart-healthy compunds called flavanoids, which also keep your colon extra clean.

6. Opt for precut veggies

Sometimes, the time it takes to prep the vegetables get people down, especially when they don’t like cutting and cooking. Pre-cut vegetables are the answer, sure, they’re a bit more expensive, but you’re more likely to eat them. Basic bowls of cherry tomatoes and sweet baby-cut carrots provide a highly-filling, simple snack that you could easily reach for instead of a bag of chips.

Follow these 6 simple tips, and they’re going to be your ticket to a leaner, beach-ready stomach, as well as rapid weight loss. Start small. The main point is, the more you incorporate these tips to your lifestyle, the less likely you will stray from your diet. As time goes by, you won’t even notice these will have become part of your routine. 


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