16 Miracle foods

February 22, 2010

Diets & Nutrition

Out of all these natural products that man has used since ancient times, some were more obvious than others through their extraordinary qualities. We will briefly present some of them, and we will indicate their main features. Here are 16 miracle foods:

• Garlic – purifies blood and reduces cholesterol levels, helps the fight against cancer;
• Algae – energizes and rejuvenates the body;
Beet – strengthens bones, helps the fight against cancer;
• Lemon – strengthens, tones and also has an astringent role, helps arthritis and rheumatism;
• Cucumber – calms and purifies;
• Royal jelly – fortifies, energizes and rejuvenates the tissues;
• Ginseng – stimulates blood flow, it seems it has an effect in the fight against cancer;
Honey – destroys microbes and activates the body, could help to combat cancer;
• Grape seeds – Combat edema and hypertension;
• Pollen – stops the bone from decalcifying, it is used against arteriosclerosis;
• Apple – provides trace elements, mineral salts and vitamins;
• Soy – is used against osteoporosis, cancer, it reduces cholesterol;
• Spirulina – strengthens the immune system, could help to combat cancer;
• Green tea – ensures a smooth functioning of the heart, is an excellent antioxidant;
• Tomatoes – combat arthritis, rheumatism and probably cancer;
• Apple vinegar – strengthens the immune system;

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