15 Jogging Tips for Beginners

January 26, 2010

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1. Welcome to the starting line

The starting line is the place to start jogging. From the beginning set 2 clear objectives: maximize results and minimize accidents.

2. Buy the right shoes

Because they’re the most expensive item in your wardrobe, spend your money smart by buying special jogging shoes from a well-known company, which meet your needs and that you can use on the surface you are going to run on. And don’t forget that shoes have a limited life expectancy so be prepared to replace them after a couple of months of intense training.

3. Make a plan

Space and time are the basic components of your jogging program. Find your neighborhood’s best jogging sites (any place that’s safe to walk is safe to run) this way you simultaneously cover the time and space issue and you also guarantee you keep jogging.

4. Telling time

When your friends find out you started jogging they will ask you “What’s your time?” so you should be ready to answer. Start jogging by doing 4 laps a little over comfortable.

5. Follow the “fit” formula

Kenneth Cooper’s fit formula states you should run at least once every couple of days (frequency) n a rhythm that suits you (intensity) for at least 30 minutes (time)


6. Find your rhythm

Finding you rhythm is easy: if you can talk to someone while jogging then you know you’ve found your rhythm

7. Don’t forget to warm up and relax

Don’t just do some light stretch exercises. The efficiency of stretching is given by increased cardiac rhythm, eliminated sweat and muscle preparation. A light 5 minute walk is the best choice for this.

8. Don’t hesitate to walk

Mix jogging with walking(it’s not cheating):when you want to regain some energy , when you want to warm up or when you want to relax walk for about 1 to 5 minutes (no more).

9. Safety first

The biggest danger towards runners are cars. If you can’t avoid roads try to run facing oncoming cars and respect all the rules of the road.

10. Follow the pain

Even runners get hurt, if you need time to recuperate from an accident do something else: walk or swim until you get back into shape.

11. Watch your jogging style

Keep your back straight, keep looking towards the horizon, not towards your feet, try to maintain a constant effort not necessarily rhythm

12. Eat and drink right

Watch your weight, have a light meal 2 hours before a race, drink water or special athlete drinks before and during training.

13. Add stretch and power exercises

Jogging mainly focuses on the legs, if you want to work on other muscles you need to add some specialized exercises.

14. Use the good day bad day system

Pick a day a week to force yourself

Congratulations! You’re the best!

The beauty of jogging is that anyone can be a winner. In this sport you’re not competing against you opponent but against your own record, beat that and you win.

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