11 Fast and Safe Weight Loss Tips You Can Use Starting Today

September 2, 2009

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Everybody seems to have the much desired fast and safe weight loss secret. Unfortunately everybody has a different secret and most of them don’t work at all. All these fad diets that come and go promise you fabulous results with no effort but they cannot deliver the goods. It seems that the good old fashion way to lose weight is the only reliable way to go: eat less exercise more. That is the fastest and safest way to lose weight.

Eat less exercise more might seem a bit simplistic especially when viewed from our fast paced way of life. But behind that simple but powerful weight loss tips there are lots of things that must be done if you want to lose weight in this life. Safe weight loss that is also fast isn’t easy to achieve but it is worth fighting for. Here are some tips to help you lose weight fast and not damage your health:


1) Drink lots of water and other zero calories beverages: sometimes people mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger. To put a stop to the excess consumption of calories drink a glass of cold water before each meal. If you don’t really like drinking plain water you can drink tea. You can even consider drinking a glass of fresh fruit juice even if it contains calories. If you drink fruit juice you will eat less at the next meal.

2) Enjoy your favorite foods: there is the ingrained idea in the weight loss world that your favorite foods make you fat. This ides isn’t based on nothing solid. In fact satisfying your cravings from time to time is quite recommended. All you have to remember is to eat less. Eat smaller servings of your favorite foods. Instead of eating a whole box of cookies eat just one. Moderation is the key to success. I know it takes willpower to stop eating at just one or maybe two cookies but you have to do it. The truth is that you will need less willpower than the willpower you need to stop an ever increasing craving. Huge cravings make you break your weight loss program and binge like mad.

3) Eat many small meals all day long: if you eat far less calories than your body burns daily you will lose weight. But being hungry all the time can stop in its tracks your close to starvation weight loss diet. Starving yourself is never the way to safe weight loss. Studies show that the people that eat 4-5 times each day are capable to control their appetite and weight. All you have to do is divide that big meal you eat once a day into 4-5 smaller meals that are 4 hours apart. In fact you will see that you will eat far less this way because your body will get the message that food is coming soon so there is no need for more. You will get full faster and your metabolism will become faster which will help you lose weight faster.

4) Eat proteins at each meal: proteins are much more tasty that carbs or fats which makes then fabulous sources of energy in any weight loss diet. Besides proteins are the building blocks of your muscles. Diets rich in proteins and poor in carbs combines with frequent physical exercises are the best way for fast and safe weight loss. By giving your body its necessary daily protein dose you will increase your muscle mass, burn more fats and feel full at the same time. Make sure you include in your weight loss diet healthy natural sources of proteins like yogurt, cheese, nuts or beans.

5) Use lots of spices in your cooking: add spices in your low fat carb free food to make it taste better. You will enjoy diet food more if you learn to use the proper spices. A well flavored meal will stimulate your senses and inspire you to eat it even if it is a low caloric meal. All those spices will make you eat slower to be able to enjoy them which in turn will help you lose weight because you will feel full faster.


6) Buy only healthy food: if you have all the ingredients you will be able to prepare your food faster. Think about what meals you would like to eat this week and create a list of all the ingredients you need. Go to the store and buy only the items found on your shopping list. That way you will buy only healthy food and avoid buying junk food. Just some items that should be found on that list are fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen vegetables, whole grain cereals, brown rice and chicken breast or fish. There are lots of healthy foods you can use to lose weight fast in a healthy way.

7) Eat fresh fruits and vegetables: if you find that fresh fruits and vegetables don’t have a good taste you should check the calendar. If it is spring eat fruits and vegetables that appear in the spring. If it is summer eat summer fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating industrial produced and harvested fruits and vegetables. If you must create a home garden and grow your own food. You will get plenty of exercise and you will be amazed how tasty all the fruits and vegetables are. Sure they won’t look as good but the taste is fabulous, trust me. Tomatoes have a rich sumptuous taste if they are natural with no chemicals added. I love them.

8) Instead of eating lots of carbs eat lots of vegetables: instead of eating bread, pastas or rice eat more starch free vegetables. That way you increase your chances of losing weight. You can eliminate between 100 and 200 calories if you reduce your servings, don’t eat bread and increase the quantity of vegetables you eat. When in doubt eat more vegetables. They keep the hunger away and contain a small quantity of calories.


9) Be physically active all day long: you don’t have to overdo it with the physical exercises. You have to give your body time to repair itself. But if you don’t exercise it doesn’t have to repair itself so give it a reason. Start exercising frequently: meaning 3-4 times a week. Working out you will increase your muscle mass. Muscle cells need more energy daily, which means your muscles burn more calories than your fat deposits. More muscles equals a faster easier and safer weight loss. Walking is a great way to exercise your body. Just don’t use your car that much during the day and you will see fast weight loss results. Use any occasion to walk more.

10) Don’t fight stress with food: many people eat a lot when they are under a stressful situation. Sooner or later you will be faced with a stressful situation too. Instead of eating everything that falls in your hands in an desperate attempt to make you feel good try some nonfattening alternatives. What do you enjoy doing that relaxes you? Do that instead of binging like crazy. Listen to calm soothing music, write in your journal or meditate. You can even take a long walk to clear your head. Find better ways to eliminate stress from your life. A plate full of cheese cake isn’t the solution. It will only make you even more miserable in time.

11) Concentrate only on the food you are allowed to eat: that way you will avoid all kind of temptations. By concentrating on the food you can eat and thinking of ways you can make it more delicious you will enjoy the weight loss process. If you enjoy losing weight you will be more likely to follow through with your weight loss plan. Find a weight loss diet that already contains foods that you like and start practicing sport that you always enjoyed or you always wanted to try. That way you will keep the dullness of weight loss way form you and you will enjoy each and every second in which you lose an ounce.

What other fast and safe weight loss tips do you know? How good are they? Write them in the comments below.

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