10 things to do to lose weight

May 14, 2009

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1) Before starting a weight loss diet you should keep a detox diet. Your body will react much better to the weight loss diet and you will get better results.

2) Drink daily 8 cups of water, sugarless lemonade and herbal teas. Drink daily, when you go to sleep and when you wake-up a glass of water with half of lemon squeezed in it.

3) A weight loss secret is eating small portions of food frequently. Try eating 3 meals daily separated by 2 snaking periods. Ideal healthy snacks are: fruits, fresh natural juices, nuts, dried fruits. You shouldn’t eat the fruits as dessert. Instead eat them as a light healthy snack.

4) For breakfast eat fruits and whole grain cereals. You can make fruit salads or smoothies.

5) For supper it is recommended to eat low fat dairies, fish with steamed vegetables or salads.


6) For lunch eat grilled fish, chicken or turkey meat. As a side dish you can eat steamed vegetables or a raw salad with virgin olive oil.

7) If you are on a food combining diet you should do the food combinations for every meal and not daily. Your body need daily a balanced nutrition that includes all types of food.

8) One day per week you should eat only fruits and fresh fruit juices. This fruits only day will help detox your body and it will give you all the vitamins you need.

9) Complete any diet with nutritional supplements that will help you melt the fat away, detox your body and give you all the vitamins and minerals you need.

10) If you have hormonal problems or a bad frame of mind it is recommended to consult a medic before starting a weight loss diet. Getting the right medical treatment and choosing the right time to start the weight loss diet will ensure your weight loss success.

A positive attitude, willpower and perseverance make or break any weight loss effort. Include this weight loss ideas into your lifestyle and your weight loss efforts will become more easy.

Don’t make all the changes at once. Choose one and then another until you have done all the necessary changes to ensure a healthy and sexy body. Get a healthy lifestyle and you will be healthy and energetic until old age.

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