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June 8, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

A long time ago I bet you were a very active person. Walking daily, going on long walks or even jogging. Some of us might have to go to their childhood to remember such a time. Others that are more lucky have more recent memories of intense daily physical activities.

In time the car becomes our best friend because of all the features and benefits it brings. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can get anywhere fast and easy. The care is a awesome invention and I must say that I too am in love with my car.

Our modern times are agitated and increasingly more tech filled. Movements is almost dead. You can get everything with the push of a button ad a few clicks. But for a healthy body you need a healthy lifestyle. For that you need a balanced nutrition and exercising.

Drastic weight loss diets are unhealthy. You should strive for a healthy body. Eating less food and only just a few types of food will make you ill in the long run if you keep repeating the experience.


Without working out our bodies cannot ever get in shape. 10 minutes of exercising in the morning is available to everyone. You can start every day by putting on some music and doing some light exercises. You can dance in or go for a short walk in the morning. If you don’t want to leave the house or dance you can do the following morning workout:

Take out your yoga mat and do 20 ab crunches. Cross your hands on your chest and do the ab crunches slowly so that the muscles get the chance to work out. After that take a 20 seconds pause.

After that continue with 10 squats. With your legs slightly apart lower your upper body until you reach a squatting position and then come up again. Keep your arms crossed with your palms n your shoulders. Your back must be at all time straight.

For relaxation bend your upper body to the left and right 15 times, keeping your hands on your hips.

For a quick finishing you can run standing still for a couple of minutes.

You can add whatever workout exercises you want to the mix. Create your own wake up routine and keep changing it to keep it interesting.

Distractions are everywhere so make sure that one of the first thing you do every morning is to workout a little. If you can I recommend that you workout a couple of times during the day. Have fun getting and staying fit.

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