10 Efficient Weight Loss Strategies

March 3, 2010

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Weight Loss Strategy 1: Weigh yourself once a day!

Weekly weighing is the key to most diets, but recent studies have shown that daily weighing will allow you to better control your body weight. The first thing you have to do in the morning is to climb the scale, because then your body weight is the smallest.

Expect small variations from day to day, because you have days where your body is bloated or dehydrated. However, if oscillations are large it is time to cut the food.

Weight Loss Strategy 2: Do not spend more than 2 hours daily watching TV!

By spending more time watching TV you give up on activities that would help you consume calories. According to one study, adults who spend more than 2 hours daily watching TV accumulate 7% more calories and consume more sweets and snacks compared to those who spend less than an hour in front of the TV.

Try to replace this “static” activity with an activity that will make your health better.

Weight Loss Strategy 3: Meet up with a friend 3 times a week!

A diet that is kept for a long period of time needs the help of a friend. Studies have shown that people who during their diet regularly met with a friend, a nutritionist or participate in a weight-loss program (group sessions) were better able to maintain the body weight gained.

Weight Loss Strategy 4: Consume 4 grams of fiber in every meal or snack!

A diet that is rich in fibers can reduce calories by removing the constant state of hunger. A study shows that women who added 13 grams or less of fiber into their daily diet are more at risk of gaining weight compared to those who consume a larger amount of fiber every day. Experts say that fibers are indicated in the treatment of obesity because they slow the process of chewing and accelerate the sliding food through the digestive tract, giving a feeling of fullness for longer periods of time.

Eat 6 times a day to accumulate the 25 g of fiber that are necessary for the body. For example you can start the morning with grapes (1 cup = 1.4 g fiber) and toast (2 slices = 6 g fiber) or oat flakes (1 cup = 4 g fiber). At lunch you can eat black bean soup 1 serving (4.4 g fiber) with a slice of toast.

A little trick: for snacks between meals pick fruits: a large apple contains as much fiber as one cup of raw broccoli (5 g fiber).

Weight Loss Strategy 5: Exercise more!

A person makes about 5,000 steps a day: going to work, different occupations in domestic service or other activities. Doubling the number of steps can bring significant benefits to your health: increasing the "good" cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, improving glucose control, a few pounds less.

A study shows that these extra few steps will help you reduce fat around the waist or the thighs. You should establish a personal workout routine and stick to it.

Weight Loss Strategy 6: Monitor and write down what you eat (6 times a week)!

Experts say that people who monitor food consumption and daily physical activity lost twice as many pounds than those that were not accustomed to keeping this "diary".

For example: a study on a sample of 40 overweight adults showed that those who kept a food journal and performed physical exercises lost over 44 pounds in 6 months.

Take a notebook or a tape recorder to record/register what you consumed. Use and a pedometer (a device that automatically records the number of steps make and speed) to estimate the number of calories you burned. It would be advisable to keep a daily diary, but you need a break one day a week.

Weight Loss Strategy 7: Have 7 hours of sleep every night!

A study by U.S. experts indicate that people who sleep less, the feeling of being full will not occur because the lack of sleep affects the secretion of hormones responsible for appetite control.

The indicated number of hours of sleep per night is 7, but some people need more. So, “set” a bedtime and try to respect it!

Weight Loss Strategy 8: Drink 8 glasses of water every day!

German researchers found that adequate water consumption increases the metabolic rate by up to 30% and the effect persists for 90 minutes. Increasing the amount of water taken daily up to 8 glasses can help you lose up to 3.5 kilograms a year. Try to drink water before a meal or snack.

Weight Loss Strategy 9: Respect your work schedule (not more than 9 o’clock with lunch included)

It is very important that after finishing your work program you go out for a run, roller blade or ride a bike, cooking, etc.. A study on a sample of 7,000 adults shows that those who stayed at work overtime gained more pounds. “I do not have time for diets that work, no time for sports, and not even time for me …” – Does it sound familiar?

It is time to limit overtime hours spent at work. To be more efficient, set an alarm every hour of every day and set a priority right after you shut the alarm

Weight Loss Strategy 10: Reduce foods with a high glycemic index!

Foods with a high glycemic index – including sugars and refined carbohydrates – increase blood sugar levels. The body uses insulin to lower blood sugar and convert excess sugar into fat. But if blood sugar level drops you will immediately feel hungry.

Read food labels to avoid sugars. For example Eat grapes (glycemic index = 49), instead of dates (glycemic index = 103), pulp (glycemic index = 45), instead of pizza (glycemic index = 60), chocolate and hazelnut cream (glycemic index = 30), instead of jelly (glycemic index = 80). And drop juices!

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